Dave graduated from college in 1997 with a bachelors degree in computer science from UCSD. He started his career in digital electronics working for ComputerLand Inc. building and programming the first personal computers for use in both the commercial and residential areas. Years later he became a Senior Electrical Engineer for Hughes Aircraft designing robotic die bonders and die attach machine control systems. However, having great interest in the medical field he eventually took a position with a medical start up company and designed an FDA approved fiber optic surgical excimer laser used in heart surgery. Finally ending his career with Applied Micro Circuits Corporation as a Senior Application Engineer, Dave designed and wrote the engineering data books for various ICs used in PCs today and also IC's for internet data routing which are also still in use today. He now runs his own company and is an IT Administrator and technical consultant.

His hobbies include photography, wood working, machining, teaching and has been day trader for over 30 years. The machine shop hobby began back in 2015 resulting in the development of a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching and exchanging skills and ideas applied to the mini mill and mini lathe.