The precision bottles I use to apply cutting fluids HERE

A Facebook group dedicated to the mini lathe and mill HERE

A very resourceful page on the mini lathe HERE

The Spindex or Spin Indexer HERE

3" 5C Spindex chuck adapter HERE

4" 5C Spindex chuck adapter HERE

Nice ER32 chuck wrench (I paid $23)  HERE

High quality metric nut and bolt assortment HERE

Super accurate digital micrometer HERE

Rust preventative Froglube HERE

The granite surface block I use to test stuff HERE

My 0-2" dial indicator HERE

Where I buy taps, screws and much more HERE

A tachometer I had installed and can be used on either machine HERE

The magnetic Noga knock off I use with the test indicator HERE

The Fowler dial indicator and magnetic base HERE

Ridicules price on single edge razor blades HERE

And same for, better quality, X-ACTO blades HERE



The imperial ER32 collet set HERE

The metric ER32 collet set HERE

ER32 chuck for tailstock HERE

MT2 to MT3 headstock sleeve adapter HERE

The carbon caliper for the tailstock DRO HERE

The center drills I buy separately from YG HERE

The 3/8" turning set I use HERE

The aluminum chrome inserts HERE

My Irwin SAE die set HERE

My Irwin Metric die set HERE

The Grizzly mini lathe where you can buy parts compatible with most lathes HERE

4" 4 jaw chuck CAUTION it was a mess and fixed it myself HERE

Tailstock MT2 chuck arbor and ground the end off HERE

Drive trouble shooting HERE

My CNC kit came from HERE

Fantastic $12 internal THREADING tool with insert HERE

TPMT 21.51 Ultra-Dex inserts HERE

My Harbor Freight QCTP HERE

ER32 chuck for the tail stock HERE



LMS belt drive conversion kit HERE

The mini mill ER32 collet holder HERE

60mm x 1.5mm x 16mm 72T HSS Steel Round Slitting Saw Cutter HERE

Worm gear motor for the mill power feed HERE

Motor controller for the mill power feed HERE

The precision vise on my mill HERE

MT2 to MT3 sleeve for the mini lathe HERE

Facing mill that I made the arbor for HERE and HERE

The 3/4" end mill shown in a video HERE

The Brown & Sharp edge finder HERE

My Grizzly G8689 where you can buy parts compatible with most mills HERE

Someplace to get the Igage DRO's at a good price HERE