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DIY Tooling for the Mini Lathe Video #2

  - Showing many DIY mini lathe items

  - Discussing the Grizzly surface gage rebuild

  - Showing the tail stock lock down mod

  - Showing other DIY tail stock items


DIY Mini Mill Pivoting Vise Clamp Video #3

  - Using the end mill to make a vise pivot clamp


Mini Lathe Unboxed & Rebuild Video #4

  - My first intro video on unboxing and what I did to make it a mini lathe

  - After learning much I made a better unboxing and upgrades in Video #

  - Also show some turning and tricks to using the mini lathe


Chuck Maintenance Video #5

  - Show mini lathe chuck maintenance, oiling, inserting jaws and why its necessary


My Mini Mill Video #6

  - My first video showing what I did to the mill fixing it and upgrades

  - I redid this intro better as unboxing, setup and upgrades in Video #


Mini Mill Drilling And Taping Video #7

  - How I do drilling and taping on the end mill

  - Trying different cutting fluids

  - My recommended taping fluid


The Art of Knurling Video #8

  - Showing the math to determine stock diameter for knurling

  - The math may be wrong see Video #10


The Final Vise Pivot Clamp Completed Video #9

  - Showing the completion of the pivot clamp and its use


The Art of Knurling Take 2 Video #10

  - Again discovering the correct math for stock diameter


My Gerstner & Sons Video #11

  - Showing the rebuilt tool chest and sharing its contents

  - I discuss the different tools need for a shop


How I finish Surfaces on the Mini Lathe Video #12

  - Intro shows a DIY thread checker

  - Started showing how I turn different materials until the lathe blew up


A Quick Shop Update Video #13

  - Amazon radius gage review

  - Amazon X-Acto blades review

  - Sharing a Craig's list find


Making a Lathe Boring Bar Tool Holder Part 1 Video #14

  - I show the machining of a tool holder for the HF QCTP


Making a Lathe Boring Bar Tool Holder Part 1 Video #15

  - Finishing the QCTP tool holder


New Lathe LMS Motor Controller Report Video #16

  - Unboxing the LMS mini lathe motor controller board

  - How to install the LMS board

  - Showing the trick to running the board and the problem with it


Secret Product Finds Video #17

  - Found someone who can repair the mini lathe motor control board

  - The best leather care product from Griots Garage

  - KW1 the best mag rim brake dust cleaner and all around cleaner

  - The best car wax 'Simple Z Best'

  - Another great mag rim brake dust cleaner 'Never Dull'

  - I also demo these products


Mini Lathe Motor Controller Repair Video #18

  - Un-boxing my Old UHF Guy repaired mini lathe motor controller

  - Showing it installed and perfect

  - Giving the contact information for excellent repair guy


How I turn and Finish Different Metals on the Mini Lathe Video #19

  - This was a very early video showing what I knew about finishes

  - I turn aluminum, steels, stainless and some others


Some Things You May Not Know About Video #20

  - Chip brush discovery

  - Flitz polish is fantastic

  - Great cheap work gloves

  - Nic-Out cigarette filters and what they do

  - Making weaver mounts for guns

  - Max Tackey adhesive for felt replacement in tool boxes

  - Idea on making your own mini lathe chuck jaws

  - Showing the Indexer or Spindex rotary mill tool


Mini Lathe Run Out Investigation Video #21

  - HDMI out to VGA monitor converter review

  - Testing the mini lathe head stock run out

  - Removing the headstock and fixing run out


Messen With Tools & Indicators Video #22

  - Discussing Snap-On tools and other old tool manufacturers

  - Showing the Drill Doctor and my opinion

  - Testing different lathe parts with different test indicators


Making Lathe Chuck Jaws Part 1 of 2 Video #23

  - Showing an Eagle Oilier estate find

  - Dykem layout fluid discussion

  - Mill boring head discussion, a new shop addition

  - Machining a set of mini lathe chuck jaws


Making Lathe chuck Jaws Part 2 of 2 Video #24

  - Show the final machining of the chuck jaws


New Shop Toys Video #25

  - Added a background flag display to the shop

  - Amazon's German made Whia screw driver set review

  - More shop tool additions

  - Roybi 4"x36" belt sander review


Tool Research & Turning 1144 Steel Video #26

  - Show new custom shop coffee cup and T shirt purchase

  - Nice story behind restoring and researching my dad's tools

  - Turning 1144 stock and the finished results


Drill Chuck Rebuild Video #27

  - How to rebuild a Jacobs drill chuck, replacing the jaws


Final HF Arbor Rebuild Video #28

  - Using a corner end mill in the mini lathe

  - Amazon's titanium 10" metal cutting saw blade review

  - Mystery Levin tool

  - Rebuilding the HF arbor and machining its upgrades


Follow Up on Comments & Using Frog Lube Video #29

  - Answering a number of comments left on previous videos

  - How to and applying rust preventing frog lube

  - Checking run out on a rebuilt Jacobs chuck in the lathe


Making a Nickel Ring Video #30

  - Showing an old time kerosene torch

  - Explaining an Ebay successful purchase trick

  - Machining a ring out of a nickel coin



Chuck Testing & Tailstock Mods Video #31

  - Testing run out on a Jacobs drill chuck

  - Mods to the tailstock


Merry Christmas to all Video #32

  - My sign off message for the year


2016 Shop Update Video #33

  - Edge finder review

  - Sharing send in shop pictures

  - The QCTP DIY handle and frog lube

  - Amazon's armor wrap rust prevention

  - DIY wire brush

  - Datsun dash rewiring update

  - Attempt at bluing using heat

  -Bluing in a toaster oven


The Shop Soap Box Video #34

  - Electricity 101

  - Surge protectors

  - Review on cordless drills

  - Review on spray paints

  - Amazon's eye glass assortment kit

  - Demo of my buffer/grinder


We're Having a Little Bit of Weather Video #35

  - Just showing heavy rains and the street is a river


New Shop Toy Video #36

  - Reviewing and playing with the new ER32 collet mini lathe chuck


Heinz 57 Video #37

  - Replacement windshield control for the '75 Datsun

  - Checking run out on the mini lathe ER32 collet chuck

  - First time machining on the new ER32 chuck

  - Parting in the new chuck

  - Trying to blue screws in the toaster oven


Goodies From Mr. Brandt Video #38

  - Opening a care package from a Subscriber


Mini Mill ER32 Chuck Video #39

  - A new ER32 collet chuck for the mini mill review

  - Key chain repair


ER32 Run Out & Saddle Clamp Project Video #40

  - Testing run out on the mill ER32 collets

  - TP-link network AP review

  - Made an arbor adapter for a brass wire brush

  - Showing my design plans for a lathe saddle stop

  - Playing with an end mill and finishes

  - How to center a rotary table with a coaxial indicator

  - Machining the saddle clamp on the mini pallet


Arbor Failure & Jacobs Chuck Run Out Video #41

  - Showing the mini pallet and what it does

  - Review of the imperial and metric ER32 collets from Ebay

  - Measuring back lash on the mill table

  - Making a drill chuck arbor

  - Testing chuck run out


Tailstock Mod Video #42

 - Showing my version of a tailstock alignment mod

  - Using the coaxial indicator to test alignment


Conventional versus Climb Milling Video #43

  - Explaining and showing the difference between conventional and climb milling

  - Cautions on using one over the other


Share Your Machine! Video #44

  - A complete video tour of my Mini Machine Shop


Trying The Boring Head #45

  - Testing the mini mill 3" boring head


When Things Go Wrong! Video #46

  - Testing the new Grizzly 3/4" end mill

  - Milling into the top of the vise!


Grizzly Mini Mill Axis Repair Video #47

  - New tool maker vise

  - New Grizzly 3/4" end mill

  - Repairing the mill lead screw problem

  - A trick to removing back lash on the mill


Mini Mill Power Feed Video #48

  - Lathe chuck balancing and weights

  - Machining the motor mount for the power feed

  - There are problems in the video sorry!


DIY Diamond Surfacing Tool Video #49

  - The spindex with the new 5C to ER32 collet chuck

  - How much force is there from  dial indicator

  - How much flex is there without a live center

  - Showing a bad PWM motor controller for the mill power feed

  - Showing a g0od PWM motor controller

  - Machining  a diamond surface wheel from the drill doctor


Grizzly Mini Mill Power Feed Final Video #50

  - New 2" dial indicator

 - Machining and working on different parts of the power feed


Mini Mill Unboxing, Setup and Upgrades Video #51

  - A re-shoot with better detail of an intro to the mini mill


Two Second Collet Education Video #52

  - Explaining collet and tooling problems found

  - Machinist handbook tooling tolerances


Threading Tool Video #53

  - General shop updates

  - Demo of the DIY diamond wheel

  - Finishing the mini lathe thread turning tool


Using a Mitutoyo 513-403 Test Indicator Video #54

  - Demo of the highly sensitive Mitutoyo test indicator

  - Sharing some of the software and utilities I use


Fixing a Jacobs 30B chuck Video #55

  - Amazon feeler gage set review

  - Test indicating the chuck

  - Made my own arbor and the run out results


Sharing Video #56

  - Building an electronic edge finder

  - Found my German drafting set

  - New Dupli-Color paint over anodizing

  - Sharing sent in shop pictures

  - Why some materials give better finishes than others

  - HP Pavilion X2 review


Ideas Shared! Video #57

  - DIY acrylic vise parallels

  - DIY acrylic mill vise soft jaws

  - Found magnetic soft jaws for the bench vise

  - DIY granite surface gage

  - DIY collet dial indicator holder to tram the mill

  - DIY lathe saddle stop

  - DIY sandpaper paddles

  - Sharing sent in shop pictures

  - DIY vise speed handle


Comments Answered Video #58

  - Experimenting with a better mini mill chip guard

  - Demo of mini mill power feed

  - Showing the leather chip guard on the mill

  - This is how to use a hack saw


FYI Update Video #59

  - Mention a LMS retrofit kit to remove the mini mill/lathe spindle

  - 5C adapter for mounting a chuck

  - New gage pin set review

  - Convert mini mill into a surface grinder NOT!

  - Showing the new mini mill chip guard


Tailstock DRO Video #60

  - Machining and boring the DRO quill mount

  - Demo of DIY electric touch sensor

  - Balancing weights for the boring head

  - Showing the mini lathe CNC conversion

  - Showing the inside of my TV and it's problem


Tailstock DRO Finished Video #61

  - Canon DSLR review

  - Reviewing the caliper for the tailstock DRO

  - Reviewing a Chinese slitting saw

  - Reviewing the ER32 collet chuck for the tailstock

  - Showing how the caliper was cut

  - Machining the new die hold

  - Showing the acrylic soft jaws being mounted


Pioneer Plasma Pro-111FD 8 Blue Blinks Video #62

  - Explain a regulator problem which causes loss of video

  - How take apart the TV and troubleshoot



MT2 to MT3 Adapter Mini Lathe Video #63

  - Test indicating the new acrylic vise soft jaws

  - Demo the new MT2 to MT3 mini lathe spindle adapter

  - Turning the new tailstock threading die holder

  - DIY tap holder

  - Modifying the new spindle adapter


Mini Lathe Turning a Titanium Ring Video # 64

  - Spindex 5C chuck adapters

  - Sharing sent in shop pictures

  - Machining a titanium ring


Mini Lathe Correct Tail Stock Alignment Video #65

 - The correct way to align the tailstock not to the chuck!


Face Milling on the Mini Mill Video #66

  - Craig's list find

  - Making a dove tail cutter

  - Demo of a new face mill on the mini mill


DIY Test Indicator Holder Video #67

  - Testing run out on the HF 3 jaw chuck

  - Machining a test indicator dove tail holder


Aluminum Insert Trial Video #68

  - Cautions on drawbars and collets

  - Recommend the 3/8" insert holder set and why

  - Showing an idea for improving indicator arms

  - Reviewing my mini pallet clamps

  - Results of buying the face milling cutter

  - Discovery on tubular rivets

  - Sharing and where to get a good cheap boring bar

  - Demo of an incredible aluminum finishing insert


DIY 3/8" AR Insert Holder Video #69

  - My opinion and a recent upgrade to Windows 10

  - Show the finishes I get using a DIY HSS cutter

  - Intro to as a source for stuff

  - Machining an AR insert holder on the mini pallet


Bad Threading Die Video #70

  - Discuss Irwin threading die experience

  - Show research and findings on a bad threading die


 Bunch of Stuff Video #71

  - My thoughts on micrometers and usage

  - Explaining how I made the dovetail cutter to make indicator holders

  - How I attached the caliper to the tailstock for the DRO

  - Showing a DIY mini lathe saddle DRO

  - Explaining how I made crooked taping and threading go away

  - Demo of my thread protector set

  - Checking tolerances on the lathe 3 jaw chuck

  - Why lathe chuck maintenance


Threading Die Education Video #72

  - Exploring a 1/4-20 Irwin die threading problem

  - Explaining in detail the difference between a threading and re-threading die

  - Showing the finish on 1018 using a LMS HSS insert

  - How to grind a HSS turning bit and the finish


Ferrule Puller Video #73

  - Reviewing magnifying eye glasses

  - Talk about FaceBook machinist group

  - Fun with a scam phone caller

  - Using a DIY ferrule puller


Adjusting Change Gears Video #74

  - Web site info update

  - The difference between bevel and camphor

  - Exploring a change gear noise and problem

  - Made a grinder mini pallet for grinding tool bits


DIY Fly Cutter Video #75

  - Showing the tear down of the headstock and belt problems

  - Machining with the new bigger more stable fly cutter

  - Fly cutter print is on the web site


Change Gear Final Video #76

  - Discuss the stock market and day trading

  - Del Mar Fair finds

  - Showing and explaining the mini lathe drive pulley problem and adjustment


Mini Lathe Setup, Repair, and Upgrades Video #77

  - An intro to the mini lathe and what you need to do first

  - Explain the possible upgrades that you can do

  - Drawings for some of the upgrades are on the web site


Gib Adjustment/Redesign Video #78

  - Explaining my mini lathe original compound gib problem

  - Showing how I resolved the problem

  - Complaining about Home Depot


Slitting Saw Work Video #79

  - Review of purchased 3/8" AR holders

  - Talking about working on the Datsun Truck

  - Sources for electronic components shown

  - Review of the Grizzly company

  - Info on tightening the mini lathe drive belt

  - Showing new mini lathe spindle insert

  - Using the slitting saw on the mini mill for the part


Trying to make a Compound Gib Video #80

  - New sand paper handles for lathe use

  - Info on making an insert holder fit an insert

  - Showing how I raised the mini lathe for easier cleaning

  - Showing what vinegar does to remove rust

  - Talking about a problem with my DIY mill power feed

  - My first attempt at machining a compound gib


How to Make a Gib Video #81

  - Opening custom made Autozone 1975 Datsun truck carpet

  - Machining a test gib from aluminum

  - Explaining my new home Enphase solar system


DIY Insert Holder Video #82

  - General shop update

  - Edge finder use info

  - New method for adjusting the compound angel to zero degrees

  - Machining an AR insert holder


Another Shop Toy Video #83

  - Testing audio for accurate sound level playback of my machines

  - DIY helping hands

  - Nut & Bolt markings education

  - Cheap scalpel handle review

  - Insert torque rating education

  - Craig's list finds

  - Reviewing the AmPro stereo microscope


American Carbide Diamond Insert Video #84

  - Estate sale finds

  - Amazon feeler gage set review

  - Cheap Chinese test gage review

  - Testing the diamond insert


Table Saw Adjustment Video #85

  - Info on a good Grecom police scanner

  - Update on a new shop electrical bench addition

  - How I align a table saw blade for clean cuts

  - Solving a gun chambering problem

  - Where to get a really nice scalpel handle

  - Review of the Amazon's Noga magnetic base & testing it

  - Estate sale finds


Viewer Appreciation Pkg Video #86

  - Opening a viewer appreciation pkg and sharing the contents


DIY Noga Arm Video #87

  - Reviewing a frequency scanner & info on some ham radios

  - Review of R-143 AC recharge kit later bad product

  - My first attempt at building a DIY Noga arm later was a bad idea


DIY Noga Arm Redesign Video #88

  - Talk about video channel picture changes

  - Review of the LMS square ER32 collet block and bearing nut

  - Show the machining of my first successful Noga arm

  - Show my revised and final Noga arm design


Good End Mill Video #89

  - Promote Grizzly great customer support

  - Warned of using car AC recharge kits

  - Review of the LMS ER32 hex collet block and ball bearing collet nut

  - Demo of fantastic cobalt end mills


Shop Update & Product Reviews Video #90

  - Received the Starrett wall chart

  - Correcting end mill run out in a collet chuck

  - Review of Ebay knurling wheels

  - Review of Grizzly SCLCR insert holder

  - Review of Amazon grooving tool

  - Showing newly ground Grizzly surface gage


Ham Shack Power Supply Review Video #91

  - Review of the Amazon Tekpower TP30SWII


Ebay Mini Lathe Saddle Upgrade/Fix Video #92

  - Talk about the spindle removal kit from Micromark

  - Review an Ebay purchased mini lathe saddle run out upgrade


Mini Lathe Saddle Upgrade Video #93

  - Web site upgrades & other info

  - Explaining the Ebay saddle upgrade operation

  - Sharing my idea of a saddle fix upgrade


Test and Dial Indicator Tests and Usage Video #94

  - New TMMS saddle fix how its doing on my lathe

  - Bolton tools lathes and mills

  - Showing what happens when angles are introduced during measurements


Stereoscope AmPro Digital Camera & Echolink Review Video #95

  - Update on how the saddle upgrade is performing grooves

  - Demo of the camera and software


Ebay Mini Mill Spindle Lock Upgrade Video #96

  - Mill Y axis nylon lock nut upgrade

  - Showing the spindle lock upgrade


Mini Lathe Threading & Tapping Video #97

  - Some updates

  - Quick '"T" slot nut education

  - Testing my mini lathe threading & tapping


How To Break a Mini Lathe Video #98

  - Starting a mini hammer set

  - Machining mysterious brass

  - Killed the lathe hitting the power switch from a stall

  - Intro to SDR ham radio


Heads Up & Motor Testing Video #99

  - Heads up on mini lathe gear failure problem

  - Testing the mini lathe motor current and function


CNC Your Mini Lathe Video #100

  - Full description of my CNC motors, electronics and software


DIY Perfect Tool Maker Parallels Video #101

  - Show Amazon tapered bearings

  - Smelting pot

  - Play sand for green sand

  - Making acrylic parallels


How To Find And Set Correct Lathe Tool Height Video #102

  - Showing my DIY mini mill head spring replacement upgrade

  - Accurate way to find lathe rotational center


My Happy Holidays sign off Video #103


New Mini Shop Toys Video #104

  - New 3mm tap review and usage

  - Soldering stainless steel

  - Nice Imperial thread gage find

  - Flagpole mod for ham antennas

  - Fantastic toolmaker vise find


Harbor Freight Tool Post Review Video #105

  - Figuring out what tool goes in the stock tool post


Harbor Freight Tool Post Results Video #106

  - Reviewing the LMS 4" 4 jaw independent chuck

  - Toolmex product review and source

  - My ham antenna work

  - Finding the correct tool for the HF tool post


Granite Counter flatness for use as a Surface Plate Video #107

  - Testing a granite counter top for flatness


Need A Trick Machinist Jack Video #108

  - The making of a machinist jack I found a need for


Screw Drivers & Screw Types Video #109

  - Explaining what all the bits are for in the Harbor Freight bit assortment

  - Explaining the community exchange to get stuff free


Center vs Spotting Drill Usage Video #110

  - Explaining when and where center drills are used and spotting drills


Gage Blocks & Measurement Research Video #111

  - Buying Chinese gage blocks

  - Using gage blocks and testing instruments

  - Checking claipers, micrometers, etc


Harbor Freight Mini Lathe Rebuild Video #112

  - A complete teardown and rebuild of a new mini lathe


What's Wrong With This HF Mini Lathe Video #113

  - A Complete Run Down On What I Did to Rebuild a HF Mini Lathe

  - How to Turn Brass

  - A Brass Apron Handle


DIY Trick Work Bench Video #114

  - Showing the Making of A Shop Work Bench


HF Lathe Run Out & Bearing Issues Video #115

  - How to correctly measure mini lathe run out and issues with the bearings


Lathe Cutters, Finishes & Stuff Video #116

  - DIY HSS lathe cutters

  - Finishing the DIY A2Z tool holders

  - Making thumb nuts


Ryobi BG828G Grinder Review Video #117


Delta 23-197 Grinder Review Video #118


Making a Contrary Ground or Shear Cutter Video #119

  - DIY cutter fantastic finishes on 1018 and 12L14


Mini Lathe Vibrations & Wen 5" Bandsaw Intro Video #120

  - The Jurassic park test

  - Intro to the new shop Wen 5" metal bandsaw


The Best Lathe Cutting Fluids Video #121

  - Testing Anchorlube

  - Reviewing cutting fluids and my experience


Harbor Freight Mini Lathe Compound Fix Video #122

  - The problem with the HF compound and how to fix it


Sharing Your Ideas & Designs Video #123

  - Sharing viewer sent in ideas

  - The best mini mill mod


DIY Fire Eater Engine Part 1 Video #124

  - The Start of Making a Fire Eater or Flame Gulping Engine


Mini Lathe Making a Screw Video #125

  - Making a 3mm brass spanner screw


Opening the Asus TF101 Case Video #126

  - How to open the Asus TF101 tablet


Fire Eater Engine Part 2 Video #127

  - Machining engine parts


Fire Eater Engine Part 3 Video #128

  - Updates on making the engine


How to Make a Depth Gage Video #129

  - Making a DIY depth Gage for use on the Mini Mill


FYI Updates Video #130

  - Shop info and tips I'd like to pass on


Making a Brass Flywheel a Better Way Video #131

  - Making a brass flywheel and getting a mirror finish


Shop Toys Video #132

  - Bore gage review and rebuild


Home Made Tapmatic Video #133

  - Here I started an idea of a Tapmatic but needs completion


What is the Internet and World Wide Web Really

  - Having designed internet chips I'm passing on how it really works


Why Own an OBD II Diagnostic Scanner

  - The secrets to making a flame engine work

  - Saving money with an OBD II scanner


Shop Projects Update

  - A bunch of updates on projects in the works


Home Made Carbide Tool Grinder

  - Modifying a Delta wetwheel grinder into a carbide tool grinder


How To Make A HSS Lathe Cutting Tool

  - Using the new DIY grinder I show making a HSS lathe cutting tool


How To Check a Sine Bar & Angle Block Accuracy


How to use the Harbor Freight Carbide Tipped Lathe Tool Set


The EBay UltraHD Tool Box Review


Making a Mini Mill Stock Rounding Jig


Mini Mill HFS Vise Making 3" Aluminum Soft Jaws


The Amazon Jinwen Mini Lathe QCTP Modification


Low Profile Down Force Clamps


The Diamond Tool Holder or Tangential Lathe Cutter Pt. 1


The Diamond Tool Holder or Tangential Lathe Cutter Pt.2


Finding Center Challenge Test Indicator vs Edge Finder


Making a Stainless Steel Spinning Top