DIY Scriber


Depth Gage


Mill & Lathe Dimensions


Test Indicator Dovetail Holder & Cutter


Test Indicator Dovetail Stem


How to remove the spindle in the mill or lathe


Small tap holder


Ferrule Puller from video #73


Noga Knock Off Arm


Spanner Bolt Dimensions


Flame Gulping Engine  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Spinning Top


Grinding Wheel Balancing Fixture

iGage DRO Scale Mount

DIY Hand Grinding Clamp

Universal Tool Grinder

UTG 20mm Hub Adapter

UTG Index Head Slide

UTG Wheel Removal Tool



Mini Pallet 3.0"


Mini Pallet 2.5"


Mini Pallet Clamp


Fly Cutter


New Bigger Fly Cutter


Vise Soft Jaws


Gas Spring Upgrade


X Axis Power Feed


Dovetail cutter for test indicators video #67


Leather Chip Guard


Vise Speed Handle


Mill Spindle Lock


Mill "T" Nut


Machinist Jack

LMS Belt Drive Pulley





Scissor Knurling Tool


Threading Dial Mount


Better Apron Handel


4" Chuck Adapter Balancing Weight


DIY 4" Chuck Jaws


Tailstock Die Holder


Tailstock Lock Down Upgrade


Saddle Stop


ghostses's Knurling Math


3/8 AR Insert Holder


CNC Motor Coupler X-Axis


HF QCTP Tool Holder


Compound Handle Friction Spacer


Spindle Lock


Intermediate Shaft Dimensions


TMMS Saddle Upgrade


Lathe Raising Blocks


Apron Handle


A2Z Tool Holder